Our Austrian Pinscher / Unsere Österreichischer Pinscher / Vores Řstrigske Pinscher, Zeus

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Zeus is an Austrian Pinscher (Österreichischer Pinscher) living in Denmark with his human family.

Zeus is a real Austrian Pinscher with all the right characteristicsfor the race.


He loves his family and our animals, he is protective guarding his family and surroundings, he want's to evaluate people before "jumping in their arms" and before accepting them - ergo: he is a real Austrian Pinscher :-)


Zeus is a really magnificent specimen of his race. He has an A-rating in HD, have no deseases at all and has full registrations several generations backwards. He is also approved for breeding and is really looking forward to become a "dad" :-)


Update on May 2012 mating with Lillekjćr's Lucie

Unfortunately his first try was not fruitfull. It seems to be the timing with the right period to mate Lucie that was wrong (you only have few days that is right in the female's "period"). The semen of Zeus is really good so we hope next time will be with a better timing. 


Zeus was borned July 31st, 2008


In this page you can find links showing the characteristics of an Austrian Pinscher (both in UK and in Danish - translated from the original FCI document by Dansk Kennel Klub), you can find some pictures of him and you can even write in his guestbook.






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Wrong timing don't give puppies

Hopefully timing is better next time :-) 



Zeus is to become a "dad"

We used the weekend to mating Zeus with Lillelkjaer's Lucie. Now we wait to see what great puppies that will be the outcome. See  "Pictures of Zeus"



Click here for picture

Zeus' dad "Derastemands Bertolt" was selected as World Winner 2011 in Paris on my "human dad's" birthday 7.7.2011




What is the nature of the breed "Austrian Pinscher"?

Read our view here after nearly 3 years experience (press "Headlines" above or select the fan "Nature/Behavior" above).



Lot of interest from other countries now to get Zeus for breeding.



Zeus was x-rayed under an anaesthesia (poor dog was confused all day)

The HD x-rays granted Zeus an A - the best class.



Zeus got approved for breeding getting a 1st place in the latest exibition.



Characteristics Austrian Pinscher

(Breeds nomenclature) 


Official FCI document »

This link shows the FCI in UK languish


Translated to Danish »
This link shows the translation done by

Dansk Kennel Klub (Racestandard)



Usefull Links


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Zeus "guarding" our bed when we turned our heads away

ZEUS - An Austrian Pinscher (Řstrigsk Pinscher / Österreichischer Pinscher)